Monday, August 20, 2012

Age of Conan

I know I'm about four or so years late to the party, but I recently started playing the online version of Age of Conan. Over the past three or so days I've reached level 12. The story line is a bit cheesy, the graphics are nice though.

My character, named Winrift, a Cimmerian in honor of Conan, of course, has fought the Picts, thieves, tomb robbers, alligators, more Picts, tigers, gorillas, assassins, guards, and everything else you under the sun. 

The game, for me anyway, was not intuitive. It took me a good while to figure out all the controls, how to fight, what moves to make, how to climb, open things, etc. But, once I figured these things out, the action and play took off. I'm still learning various aspects of the game like where to store excessive items, who to talk to, how to use the map, etc. As the game progresses, periodically Basil Poledouris music score from the 1982 John Milius film Conan the Barbarian will begin playing. I thought that was pretty cool. Also, Age of Conan was featured in the hit television show The Big Bang Theory (season 2, episode 3—The Barbarian Sublimation). Penny gets addicted to the game in that episode (it's quite funny). I've provided a link below.

The game does not follow any of Robert E. Howard's story lines, but the spirit of the Conan stories is evident. Overall I've enjoyed the game. But, I have to watch myself when it comes to video games, I tend to get too involved in the game, look up at the clock and suddenly see that I've been playing for fours or five hours. Nonetheless, I'll take my time on this one and hopefully not waste too many hours that would otherwise be spent reading, researching, or maintaining an actual life.

Anyway, if you have not played Age of Conan, try it out. Paradox Entertainment and Funcom have done a nice job on the game. It's nice to see Conan in the current culture, even if it is a video game.

The Big Bang Theory Season 2, Episode 3

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