Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Reading Material

Here are a few items I'm about to begin reading over the next few weeks:

While I have owned this book for several years now, this will be my first stab at getting around to reading it. I'm looking forward to these stories. I've heard nothing but good things about them, so it's now time to read them.

The above is volume 12 in the Dark Horse Conan series. I'm excited about reading this because Roy Thomas (of Marvel Comics fame; the original Conan comic book writer) is the writer on this graphic novel.

Pictured above is the latest REH: Two-Gun Raconteur journal. This journal has an original work by REH (The Diablos Trail). The issue is dedicated to Glenn Lord and the cover art is Cormac Mac Art and Wulfhere by Terry Pavlet. The journal contains articles by Jeffrey Shanks, Michael L. Peters, Rob Roehm, and there is some verse by Barbara Barrett.

Looks like I've got a load of fun reading planned for the near future. I'm chomping at the bit to get started. Cheers!


Chris Gruber said...

What was your reaction to the boxing stories?

Todd B. Vick said...

Hey Chris, sorry for the delayed response. I enjoyed the stories. Some better than others but well worth the time invested reading them. I laughed my ass off on a few of them. Howard has a wonderful sense of humor in them.