Friday, May 15, 2015

The Hyborian Gazette

New REH Fanzine
There is a new REH related Fanzine for Robert E. Howard fans. Carnelain Press's Facebook page recently made this announcement:
All profits from the upcoming fanzine,THE HYBORIAN GAZETTE,will go directly to Project Pride in Cross Plains, Texas, for the upkeep of the Robert E. Howard house and museum.
Carnelian Press is a small printing house specializing in the publication of fantasy and scientifiction chapbooks. This time around they intend to put together a fanzine called The Hyborian Gazette. The zine is edited by Steve Dilks and will feature art, stories and articles from the likes of Adrian Cole (the Voidal), Jeffrey Shanks (REHUPA academic), Steve Lines (Rainfall Books), Glen Usher (Boscastle) and many more. Featuring great cover art by legendary British illustrator, Jim Pitts, an exclusive article by REHUPA founder, Tim Marion and a rarely seen story from Lin Carter.

Gunthar, another publication from
Carnelian Press
If you are a Robert E. Howard fan then by all means support this fanzine and by doing so you will also support Project Pride and the Robert E. Howard House and Museum. If you'd like more information about Carnelian Press or The Hyborian Gazette then visit their Facebook Page. In this age of digital/online material, it's nice to see a new printed fanzine. The only way something like this can continue to thrive is through grassroots supports from fans.

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