Friday, October 30, 2015

A Good Deed for Howard Fans, Howard Days, and Project Pride

Tom Reinhart; Writer, Nice Guy, Loyal Friend, Troublemaker, has announced, "From now until next June when I leave for Howard Days, 100% of the proceeds from HEGEMONIAN sales will go to Project Pride and the REH Foundation for the upkeep of Robert’s home. I will gladly turn over those financial statements to Project Pride for verification. It’s not Harry Potter money, but it’s what I have, and would be honored to give."

By buying Tom's book, you not only get a nice Conan (Sword & Sorcery) pastiche, but you also help support the Robert E. Howard House & Museum and Project Pride. If you'd like to help out and purchase Tom's book feel free to go here to get a copy . . .

Thanks, Tom. 


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