Wednesday, June 16, 2021

The Washington Post Mentions Renegades and Rogues

 Michael Dirda, acclaimed book reviewer and critic for the Washington Post recently wrote an article about Robert E. Howard. The title of Dirda's article is Robert E. Howard became famous for creating Conan. But that warrior was only the beginning.  

Dirda writes: 

As a reviewer, I’ve always regarded myself as a generalist, lurching from a novel this week to a biography or work of history the next, occasionally interspersing an essay or rediscovering a neglected classic. But every so often, I feel the need to be much more — what’s the right word? — serious, intense, almost scholarly. I yearn to immerse myself in the works of a single author, to spend time reading as much of his or her writing as possible. During these literary sprees, I even undertake actual research, scribble notes, talk to experts.

Last month, I realized that this column would coincide with Robert E. Howard Remembrance Days in Cross Plains, Tex. There, the writer’s fans gather each June 11 — the day the 30-year-old shot himself in 1936 — for talks, barbecue and camaraderie. This year’s guest of honor is Roy Thomas, who wrote the 1970s Marvel comics which — along with Lancer paperbacks featuring brutal and sensual cover art by Frank Frazetta — created a new audience for Howard’s best-known character, the greatest warrior of the ancient Hyborian age.
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You can continue reading the article at the link I provided above. It's nice to see Robert E. Howard getting national attention.

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