Tuesday, March 24, 2015

New Aquisitions

Over the last 4 or 5 months I have collected a few new REH items of interest.

From the top left . . .

From the Memories of Men by Tevis Clyde Smith (autographed)
This book is a self-published book from Smith, the book is about Brown and other Central Texas Counties, from the frontier days to the time of publication.. It also deals a bit with the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic people who built that part of the country (according to Smith).

Frontier's Generation by Tevis Clyde Smith. This book is, as the subtitle suggests, The Pioneer History of Brown County with Sidelights on the Surrounding Territory. There is a nice section in the back devoted solely to Robert E. Howard. This work is a very detailed history of the Brown County area with some excellent pictures.

The top right . . .

The Cimmerian Vol. 5 Nos. 1-6
It's unfortunate that this journal is no longer being published. There are some great articles/essays from both Howard fans and scholars alike.

Bottom left . . .

The Collected Letters of Robert E. Howard: Index and Addenda edited by Bobbie Derie. If you own the Three Volume set of the Collected Letters of Robert E. Howard, then you will not want to be without this added volume. It is a fairly exhaustive subject index to those letters with new letters added. This book was a godsend for my research in the collected letters. It certainly made finding things way easier!

Bottom right . . .

So Far the Poet & Other Writings By Tevis Clyde Smith (edited by Rob Roehm) According to the REH Foundation, "This collection contains all of the known pieces that Smith wrote about Howard, contributed to Howard fan publications, or co-authored with Howard. It also contains many of the pieces Smith wrote while Howard was still alive, items from The Tattler, Daniel Baker Collegian, The Junto, Dallas Morning News (one including a reference to Howard), contributions to Truett Vinson’s Lone Scout publication, The Toreador, and the few surviving letters from Smith to Howard, several presented here for the first time. Snippets from Howard’s correspondence and quotes from Post Oaks and Sand Roughs, Howard’s semi-autobiographical novel,are provided to give context."

Most of these items were purchased over the last 5 or 6 months of research I've been doing for an upcoming article for REHupa. All these items are well worth tracking down if you are a Robert E. Howard reader or fan.

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