Sunday, April 17, 2016

Pictorial Preview of Trips to Robert E. Howard Days: From 2012 to 2015

If you have not already registered for this year's Robert E. Howard Days (for the banquet, picnic, food, drinks, etc.) don't put it off any longer. If you've decided not to go to the banquet, or picnic, all the other events (panels and chatting at the pavilion, seeing the Robert E. Howard House and Museum) are free, but you might want to go ahead and reserve your hotel room if you plan to stay a few days.

This will be my fifth year at REH Days. Every year I've been I've taken a ton of photographs. So, below are a few selected photos that I've taken of the event from 2012 to 2015. Enjoy!

Rusty Burke on the bus tour in 2012

Rusty Burke and Charles Hoffmann (panel) 2012

Al Harron (left) Paul Sammon (middle) & Mark Finn (right) on a panel in 2012

The Hemphill Boarding house where Novalyne Price (Ellis) lived in Cross Plains when she was a teacher at the local public school.

Jeffrey Shanks (left) Charles Hoffmann (center & Guest of Honor) & Mark Finn (right) on a panel in 2012

Paul Sammon in 2012 doing a panel about his work in Hollywood and his book titled Conan: The Phenomenon.

Bill "Indy" Cavalier & Rusty Burke presenting awards at the banquet/auction in 2012.

Fun at the pavilion, 2012

The Robert E. Howard House & Museum at the 2013 REH Days.

Getting out of the heat, under the pavilion, 2013.

Tim Truman (left), Al Harron (center) and Jeffrey Shanks (right) about to begin a panel. 2013

The Roehm panel, 2013. Rob Roehm (left) & Bob Roehm

Guest of honor, Tim Truman, at Friday night's dinner and auction, 2013.

The Icehouse Panel with Chris Gruber (far left), Jeffrey Shanks (middle) and Mark Finn (far right), 2013.

Fun at the Caddo Peak picnic, 2013.

Al Harron donning his kilt at the Caddo Peak picnic, 2013.

Early morning at the Pavilion, 2014.
Scott Valeri (front far left), Al Harron (front middle)

Robert E. Howard's room, 2014.

Ben Friberg receiving his REH Foundation award at the awards ceremony, 2014.

Patrice Louinet, 2014 Guest of Honor at Friday night's banquet and auction.

Bill "Indy" Cavalier, looking suave and waxing poetic about the upcoming panel, 2014.

James Reasoner (left) and Dave Hardy (right) panel, 2014.

The view from the top of Caddo Peak, 2014.

REHupa 2014

Fun at the Caddo Peak picnic, 2014.

The sweetest ladies on the planet, 2014. Margaret (left), Jo (middle), Christine (right)

Saying good-bye until next year (2014)

REH Days 2015

Original REH manuscrips on display in the Cross Plains Public Library, 2015.

Mark Schultz (guest of honor), signing autographs at the pavilion, 2015.

Preparing for the Icehouse panel, 2015.

REH & HPL Letters panel, 2015. Rusty Burke (left), Jonas Pridas (center), Dierk Guenther (right)

Rusty Burke, answering questions at a panel, 2015.

Mark Finn (left), Jeffrey Shanks (center), and Patrice Louinet (right) during a panel discussion, 2015.

The Howard Family with Patrice, revealing the Howard Family Bible, 2015.

Perusing the contents from the family tree section of the Howard Family Bible, 2015.

Keeping cool under the pavilion, 2015. Damon Sasser (center of picture)

There are always fun discussions going on at the pavilion, 2015. Dave Hardy (left - black shirt), Lee Breakiron (center), Daniel Look (right).

REHupa on the REH house porch, 2015.

The Howard Cemetery plot & historical marker for REH.
Greenleaf Cemetery in Brownwood, TX. 2015

I hope to see you all at this year's (2016) Robert E. Howard Days in Cross Plains, Texas.  Cheers!

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Chris Gruber said...

Wonderful job. Thanks for sharing these moments!