Monday, June 10, 2013

REH Days 2013

My second year at REH Days in Cross Plains, Texas was, I think, better than last year's event. Tim Truman was the guest of honor. While all the panels were good, I enjoyed the ones with Tim the best (esp. REH in the Comics).

I've been a fan of Truman's work for some time now, especially his art work on Grim Jack. I also had several opportunities to chat with him about various influential authors. Aside from Robert E. Howard, I discovered that Samuel R. Delaney and George R.R. Martin were two other authors Tim told me had a pretty big influence on his work over the years. We discussed Samuel R. Delaney at some length. I had read Delaney's work titled Dhalgren back around 1978/79. I loved that particular work. Tim recommended The Einstein Intersection; a book I own but have not read. I have since picked it up and begun reading it.

Joe R. Lansdale was a surprise visitor to this year's REH Days. He declared he was there because of his old friend Tim Truman. I am only familiar with some of Lansdale's comic book work—I've never actually read any of his novels/fiction. It was interesting to hear his various views—he has a lot of them—on Robert E. Howard and other authors, comic books, etc.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. I met a few new people, made a few new friends, saw some people I knew from last year's event, ate some great food, and listened to some excellent discussions. Below are some pictures I took while there. If you've never been to REH Days in Cross Plains, you should attend next year; especially if you are a Howard fan. It is well worth the time and money spent.

Above is Robert E. Howard's bedroom and work space.

A front view of the REH Home and Museum

The pavilion next to the REH House and Museum

The first panel discussion on Friday, June 7th. (left to right: Tim Truman, Al Harron, Jeff Shanks, and Mark Finn)

Joe Lansdale & Tim Truman

A Dark Horse Comics promotional poster that was up for auction at the Celebration Dinner & Silent Auction Friday evening June 7th.

Another Dark Horse Comics promotional poster.

Inside the Howard home.

Inside the Cross Plains Public Library.

Tim Truman speaking at Friday night's Celebration Dinner & Silent Auction.

The sunset BBQ at the Caddo Peak Ranch.

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