Thursday, July 19, 2012

Robert E. Howard's Almuric

I went to one of the local Half-Price bookstores this week and found a 1964 Ace Books paperback edition of REH's Almuric. Jeff Jones cover art. It's in good shape for its age.

I also own the 1977 Berkley Medallion paperback of Almuric, the edition Glenn Lord published & Ken Kelly did the cover art. It still has the full-color fold-out poster inside.

From my understanding and research, Almuric was Howard's response to British publisher Denis Archer's request for a full-blown novel. Thus, Almuric was Howard's first attempt at writing a novel, but it was never completed. That honor goes to Hour of the Dragon, which is better defined as a novella. Regardless, Almuric is certainly a unique and fascinating story. I was excited to find the 1964 Ace Books edition. It will be a nice addition to my REH collection.

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